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As a leading talent management solutions provider, we invest in tapping high-value consultants and developing processes that are compliant to California’s legislations, to help a range of small businesses and large enterprises in California achieve their strategic goals and long-term profitability. Our specialized services include Executive Recruitment, Professional Staffing Services, Human Resources Consulting, Environmental Health & Safety Consulting and developing Cal-OSHA Compliance Programs to improve the bottom line of consulting companies and business consultants.

Featured Training and Services

We constantly innovate our approaches to deliver growth to our clients through top-tiered recruiting, staffing and business consulting practices and solutions. Explore our offered training and services and find the best fit for your needs.

Staffing and Recruitment

Staffing and recruitment in California can be costly and time-consuming, especially at this difficult times when there is a talent shortage. That is why we go beyond the traditional talent search practices and innovate our approaches. We also set a specified timeline and provide you with the choices that ensure the next talent you hire is a good fit.

Executive Recruitment

We understand the dilemma associated with spotting the best leaders to ensure their firm’s continued success. As one of the top-tier firms focused in executive recruitment in California, you can count on PCS Consultants, Inc. to serve your interest through our seasoned HR professionals, innovative approaches to talent spotting, and expertise in Executive Recruiting and Selection on top of our approaches.

Human Resource Consulting

When you need HR professional on-site or HR consultants, PCS Consultants, Inc. are ready to deploy and assist your staff obtain human resources certification in California, among other related HR needs. Our supplementary and complementary services are matched with competent HR experts who employ both traditional and out-of-the-box human resources practices. You can also count on them when you need assistance in designing, roadmapping and implementing tried-and-tested solutions and strategies.

Business Consulting

We have an array of experienced business consultants in California to provide cross training that will allow your team of employees face even the most insurmountable challenges and handle their tasks seamlessly well. We also take into consideration the impact to your bottom line profitability when employees leave, so customize workforce strategies.

Client’s Testimonials

We may be one of the most trusted staffing and recruiting solutions providers in California but we don’t want us saying this.
We prefer that you read the experiences and the positive impact PCS Consultants, Inc. have made for our satisfied clients.

“PCS handled all of our re-location responsibilities, leaving me free to run my business. All of the transition items were handled, as well as many items that we never even considered. There was nothing in the process that was ever delivered late or below the level of service that was promised. I have and will continue to recommend the service.”

President, RSI Roofing

“The consultant sent to us is very reliable and knowledgeable with the current laws and practices of human resources…it has been much more cost effective outsourcing our needs through PCS.”

President/ CEO, Tolar Manufacturing

“We take great care when referring a professional service to our clients and find it refreshing when we continue to refer PCS without our hesitation. The feedback we get from our clients is always positive and the impact [made] on their business is positive and lasting.”

President/ CEO, Estrada Strategies Franchise, Inc.

“Our consultant met with us to develop our safety program, outline a guide for HR issues, and conduct an inspection of our facility for OSHA compliance…our experience has been a positive one. The staff is professional and reliable.”

CEO, A&C Pallet Co., Inc.

Service Areas

Our services include training Los Angeles County employees have a grasp of their need for workplace protections. We also train professionals to give acceptable performance to their companies.

Understanding that each of our clients are different and unique in their inception, our wide-array of business consulting, HR and staffing services consistently bring value to our clients’ bottom line.

We train professionals detect just how unfairly and abusive their employers treat them. We also have other staffing solutions to ensure that both parties’ rights are protected throughout California.

Our years of experience in the staffing and recruitment services help place top professionals into great career opportunities in California. Uur understanding of our clients, their services and company culture has served us well in this field.

We help our clients in the San Diego, CA achieve success, reduce risk, and grow their business through our proven track record in staffing solutions and expertise in all functional areas of HR.

We also serve the Ventura County staffing markets with tailored recruitment and business consulting process with consultants that help place professionals into great professional opportunities.


PCS Consultants, Inc. events create positive impact around many business consulting firms in California. Explore our events listing for the latest rounds of upcoming seminars on issues and matters related to OSHA, workplace harassment, an forklift.

PCS Consultants, Inc. events create positive impact around many business consulting firms in California.
Explore our events listing for the latest rounds of upcoming seminars on issues and matters related to OSHA, workplace harassment, an forklift.
There are no upcoming events at this time.

Best Seller Products

For every successful company, there is the passion of its hires and executive leaders that drive it to its best element. Learn and master the different facets of business consulting, staffing and recruitment for a productive workplace with our best-selling videos and training materials, such as Forklift training and HR.

Trainings & Certifications

California Harassment Prevention

Workplace harassment training for managers within a company of 50 employees or more is a requirement in the state of California. In connection to this, the State of California harassment training requirements for private-sector employers set the standard for the rest of the country.
PCS Consultants, Inc.’s California Harassment Prevention Training and Certification is suited for managers, supervisor, and other leadership positions to understand the AB 1825 sexual harassment training requirements.
Our training consists of lessons that will ensure your organization is compliant to harassment training requirements. The course covers the basics of workplace harassment, hostile workplace environment and harassment policies among others. California harassment training, AB 1825 Training, and Harassment Training Requirements lessons are also included.
We issue Harassment Prevention certificate of completion to those who will successfully complete our California Harassment Prevention training course and final exam.

California OSHA Compliance

As a business owner, it is imperative that you acknowledge the importance of maintaining a safe workplace environment and prepared when Cal OSHA knocks on your office door. More than just good business practice, it is state-mandated. PCS Consultants, Inc. offers relevant training to help you discover how to ensure your workplace and your employees are safe, secure and Cal/OSHA compliant.
Our OSHA training center provides these cal OSHA training and other related training requirements lectures, covering all of the latest regulatory information concerning safety, health, and environment. Our course ensures that after you get certified, you can make sense of the confusing language and government jargons, as well as gain updated information on Cal OSHA’s latest rules and regulations.
Call us anytime for more information and the latest schedule of our next training and get certified!

Our Community

Since the beginning of PCS Consultants, it has been helping charities and institutions committed to helping those that hunger, those that need shelter and those the promote youth welfare and development. See below the different charities and institutions it help over the years.

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