About Us

Specializing in Executive Recruitment, Professional Staffing, Human Resources Consulting, Environmental, Health and Safety Consulting, and Developing Cal OSHA Compliance Programs for California-based companies and with over 30 years of experience, PCS Consultants, Inc. is perfectly placed to best help partners and clients achieve their business goals.

Our highly-experienced and professional executive recruiters combine their experience and proven track record in executive recruitment to help you make it easier, faster and more affordable for you to recruit the right talent. Our clients approach us for our quality professional staffing solution tailored to their companies’ unique needs.

Since PCS Consultants, Inc. is also a consultancy and solutions provider in the field of occupational safety, environmental health and industrial hygiene, our multi-disciplinary teams include experienced consultants, professionals, and safety instructors who work with our clients to develop and implement tailor-made workplace safety compliance.

PCS Consultants, Inc. utilizes years of experience, scope of expertise across a spectrum of capabilities that encompass all aspects of HR consulting, business consulting, occupational health and safety regulatory compliance and best practices to match our client’s unique challenges and goals.

If you are unsure of what HR consulting solutions, training and certification for workplace safety, and other services might apply to your business, check our Services page to learn how PCS Consultants, Inc. has helped other companies similar to yours.

Our Difference

PCS Consultants, Inc. offer creative and practical solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals, from human resources consulting to outsourcing high-value talent to work for your company. For more than three decades, we pride our extensive experience and breadth of specialist knowledge to help businesses achieve their highest possible level of performance.

When you partner with us, we make sure that our expertise and process work best for you by helping you achieve significant cost savings and significant results. Our unique position in the industry, established infrastructure and our client base, PCS Consultants, Inc.make sure that we deliver only premium services focused on our customers’ unique needs throughout the world.

Our HR consultancy solution has been designed to help make our clients effectively manage their employees in California and even from where they are stationed across the globe. On top of our prime consultancy service offerings, our aim is to help ensure that you achieve your optimal outcome without compromising results and efficiency.

That is why we tap highly-experienced consultants and instructors in the field to help you in all aspects of your business, including compliance to regulatory requirements. We also share with our clients our rich resources and materials to ensure that learning outcomes are clear, adequate, and relevant.

Our clients partner and entrust us their employees to train because we make them feel certain measure of control through our learning structure. At PCS Consultants, Inc., we create an inclusive learning environment, which recognizes and respects our students’ individuality without neglecting their unique needs.