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Environmental Health and Safety

Safety for man and the environment has top priority – in our own business processes and in the application of our products.

Environmental Health and Safety - PCS Consultants

Management system

PCS Consultants have established worldwide standards for safety and environmental protection. We implement these guidelines through our internal management systems. We focus on minimizing safety risks and environmental impact, as well as on the efficient use of energy, resources and materials. In this way, we are implementing our commitment, as defined in our Group Policy on Safety, Health, Environment and Quality.

In order to continue to improve, we continuously analyze possible weaknesses in terms of safety and environmental protection in our business processes. PCS Consultants consider not only our locations, but also the transport of our products and their application to customers. We communicate the findings from this event reporting internally in order to learn from it.


Environmental Health and Safety - PCS Consultants

Awareness of Environmental Health and Safety

PCS Consultants systematically train employees for occupational health and safety, work safety, product safety and environmental risks. We can make the best of security as a good example.


Training and Development

Discover your potential with PCS Consultants.

We at California want our employees to learn and develop. This is a key element in maintaining the enthusiasm, creativity and commitment of our employees around the world. We are always looking for new ways to release the potential of our employees.

Partners for Growth

We aim to promote excellence through regular meetings. Basically it is a dialogue that requires performance on both sides: A company’s executives need to know their employees, direct them to strategic priorities and evaluate them as individuals.

Through a combination of performance assignments, discussions on the career and an individual development plan, you can develop both personally and professionally, which also benefits the company.


PCS Consultants Training

The training encompasses our worldwide educational and development resources and gives you access to the best information resources PCS Consultants has to offer. Starting with face-to-face training courses and e-learning courses, as well as materials for self-development and virtual lessons, the training offers you the opportunity to develop further both professionally and with regard to your leadership skills, so that you can pursue a career in the modern sense.


Groundbreaking performance coaching

Numerous programs are offered, ranging from the development of executives and groundbreaking performance coaching to the change and project management system as well as courses on influence, support for employees and presentations. In this way, you can benefit from these information opportunities at every stage of your career.

If you are a leader, you can access your own team for your team to view training and development activities in your team and to book places in training sessions online for your team.

5 Errors with your Virtual Assistant you can Avoid

As with everything in business, you can make a few mistakes in outsourcing. Some of these errors apply to your virtual assistant, but others may be committed to you.

Many of these mistakes have risen simply from a misunderstanding and could have been avoided in hindsight.


Virtual Assistant Solutions - PCS Consultants

Always misses the deadlines

You should first take a look at the big picture. The error could not be due to your virtual assistant. You should also consider other things.

  1. If you assign a task to your virtual assistant, will you let him know in advance so he can count on it?
  1. If so, how long before you know it before he gets the task in his inbox?
  1. Are you giving your virtual assistant a realistic and achievable deadline to finish the work?
  1. Try to find out why your virtual assistant can not meet your deadline? Or do you just think “Three times and he is terminated”? Or were you rude or even aggressive, because he did not deliver on time?
  1. Do you pay the usual price?
  1. Are you paying it on time?
  1. Does your virtual assistant have the necessary equipment or software to perform your task efficiently enough?
  1. Did you think that your virtual assistant might be a problem right now?

Does not answer my emails or calls

Communication is an essential part of the virtual work relationship, and if your virtual assistant does not communicate with you, then you need to take care of it. If your he interrupts the communication with you, I think something is wrong.

  1. Could it be that your virtual assistant maintains a very strict time management and his e-Mails answered only once a day, eg. At 00
  1. Does your virtual assistant ignore calls because you call at least four times?
  1. Is your virtual assistant trying to steer clear for some reason?
  1. Are you too demanding or do you expect too much of yours?
  1. Do you know the working time or schedule of your virtual assistant?

Virtual Assistant Solutions - PCS Consultants

The work has become much worse

This is even worse if your virtual assistant has done your work to a very high standard and in the past it has been consistently high quality. There may, however, be reasons for this. So before you complain, you should first think about the following things:

  1. Has he done this task for you before, or is she completely new to him?

      2. Have you asked him for something that is not really part of his specialty?

  1. Did you give him an unrealistic deadline?
  1. Have not you given him clear instructions so he knows what is expected of him?

He wants his freelance work at Upwork not give up

This is a scenario that is likely to occur when you use these outsourcing platforms more and more. You will find someone who consistently delivers high quality work, on time and at a very reasonable price. But you should not commit the mistake, ask him to join you and give up his “daily” income.

You must understand that many of these freelancers use these outsourcing platforms when their regular work becomes less or they need extra income to normal work.

They use these Virtual Assistant Solutions because:

They know that they are guaranteed to be paid when they perform a task.

They know that if they can not suffer a buyer, they never have to work for him again.

They know they can work on these platforms according to their will and schedule.

So if you want them to give up these three things for you and rely on you, give them enough work and pay them on time, then I will make a very big request.

You should also consider that some of these freelancers on these platforms work at much lower rates than they charge their ordinary customers. And if you want to pay in about the same price, then this is not exactly an incentive for them.

Just trusting a customer is a big risk for freelancers. Therefore, you should not commit the mistake of expecting them to give up everything for you. In addition, you should not ask directly on these platforms, because otherwise you can be banned from these platforms!

I think my virtual assistant is a little too creative about his time

This problem is difficult, but here, too, there are solutions. For example:

If your virtual assistant says he has worked 3 hours on a task, but you know that you normally only need half of that time, you need some kind of time tracking software.

If you think your virtual assistant is too long for a task, then you need to find out why.

Is it because the task assignments have not been properly explained to him?

Is it because he uses a different software like you?

Is it because it is not really its specialty?

If the problem is one of these things, and you talked to your virtual assistant about it, why not give this particular task to someone who has more experience in this field?

As you can see from the five mistakes mentioned above, there are inevitably a few minor problems when you work with a virtual assistant for a long time.

Identifying the error paves the way for a long-term commitment and an advantageous collaboration between you and your virtual assistant. So do not give up too fast.

What Digitization have to do with Staffing

 Today, there should be more effective recruiting concepts.

Tomorrow a better personnel development for the future executives.

Yesterday however, it was still “You should only ensure a smooth administration”.

Nevertheless, it is almost as important as a strategic preparation of the HR areas for the changes associated with the ever-increasing digitization of all business sectors. It is particularly difficult to justify a management’s personal service as an internal service provider, who is always struggling to justify its value – and thus its costs – in the future.

Conversely, the issue of digitization offers an excellent opportunity to make the strategic value of good personnel work clear.

Staffing - PCS Consultants

Sensitize the management of the personnel-specific challenges

We can safely assume that the management of digitalization is not primarily concerned with its employees but with the changes in markets and business models as well as with the technical prerequisites that must be created by the company.

The first task of the HR manager is therefore to raise the top management level to the fact that the process of digitizing the company will not succeed if the employees are not prepared for it – and thus become an active participant in the strategic process.

Train employees

Altered business models and the increased use of digital applications require changed skills among employees. An important contribution of the HR to the success of the digitization in one’s own company is to identify the training requirements at an early stage and define appropriate training concepts.

These must be implemented at the latest when the technical changes have been realized. Those who begin with the establishment of the training requirements only after a technical investment is expected to have little understanding in management and controlling.

The most significant investments will then remain much too long without economic impact.

Preparation and monitoring of the change process

In addition to the “hard” knowledge transfer, successful digitization on the part of the employees and managers also means understanding and acceptance for the background of the change and for a changed approach to customers and business partners.

Such a change process must be planned and accompanied, and it is precisely in this case that the HR departments can make a meaningful use of the skills and abilities of personnel development.

Staffing - PCS Consultants

Changed work model

The digitization will influence many details of the design of workplaces and working times. Some activities no longer have to be carried out at a particular workplace, any Internet access will often suffice as a prerequisite.

Nevertheless, the commitment of employees to their own company should be kept in mind.

Digitization of HR processes

Of course, the personnel administration must also do their own homework in the field of digitization. From staffing, personnel development and digital personnel records to payroll accounting and personnel deployment planning must therefore be checked for potential improvements through automation and digitization.

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Safety at the Workplace and Liability in Case of Accidents

Every employer has to ensure workplace safety. Employers know this and are also concerned with it. There is, however, uncertainty as to how far this obligation goes and, in particular, what are the consequences of the liability if the duty to prevent accidents is violated.

Invalid accidents

If an accident leads to invalidity, the damage is very fast and very large. Well, social insurance (accident insurance, occupational pensions) pay a substantial part. However, they take recourse to the employer, who is liable from the employment contract, and to the responsible persons on the basis of the general liability law.

However, the claim for recourse only exists in the case of deliberate or grossly negligent damage. Social insurance, however, does not pay all the damage. On a regular basis, a part remains uncovered (so-called “direct damage”) and the employer and the persons responsible for it have to pay for this.

As far as no deliberate or grossly negligent damage is concerned, this can usually be covered by a liability insurance. This must, however, have actually been completed.


The due diligence obligations are based on the employer’s duty to take care of the employer and on the employment law. In accordance with these provisions, the employer must take all necessary measures to protect the workers, which, according to experience, are necessary, applicable according to the state of the art and appropriate according to the circumstances of the enterprise.

This very general obligation is defined by regulations on the Labor Code, by the Ordinance on the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, as well as by various special laws. In individual cases, however, there remains a great deal of discretion and thus also a great uncertainty for the individual companies.

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Function of an HR Consultant

When talking about recruiters you might think of mysterious headhunters with high-level contacts or assessment centers.

The truth lies in the middle since most recruiters offer a broad portfolio of recruitment, placement and selection of new employees.

HR Consultant

Placement of specialist and management staff

The focus is in almost all of the deliberation and recruitment of professionals and executives. This is understandable because, given the fact that this service is not offered in vain, companies seek for HR consulting, especially in places of central importance to the company.

Good consultants, however, do not just act as mediators, but work with many instruments.

On this basis, it is decided together with the clients how the recruitment process will be. This can be the direct approach of the consultant’s contacts, but also the support of a classic tender procedure. Perhaps the client needs only an intensive consultation, which leads to the numerous recruiting models for the optimal occupation of his place.

HR Consulting

Competence and communication

In-depth knowledge and a high methodical competence in personnel management are essential. Most of the employees in the industry have a degree in business administration and intensive professional language or a specialization in the human resources sector.

In addition, the activity requires a high communication skills and a sophisticated, coordinated look. At the same time, well-known companies trust the personnel consultants to fill key positions! And the highly qualified and professionally successful applicants should also feel comfortable and competent during the entire selection process.

Because personnel changes in the economy may be a sensitive issue, it goes without saying that recruiters with absolute discretion proceed. And since the search for top personnel does not stop at national boundaries, fluent English and another foreign language also belong to the basic equipment of the consultants.

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