5 Errors with your Virtual Assistant you can Avoid

As with everything in business, you can make a few mistakes in outsourcing. Some of these errors apply to your virtual assistant, but others may be committed to you.

Many of these mistakes have risen simply from a misunderstanding and could have been avoided in hindsight.

Always misses the deadlines

You should first take a look at the big picture. The error could not be due to your virtual assistant. You should also consider other things.

  1. If you assign a task to your virtual assistant, will you let him know in advance so he can count on it?
  1. If so, how long before you know it before he gets the task in his inbox?
  1. Are you giving your virtual assistant a realistic and achievable deadline to finish the work?
  1. Try to find out why your virtual assistant can not meet your deadline? Or do you just think “Three times and he is terminated”? Or were you rude or even aggressive, because he did not deliver on time?
  1. Do you pay the usual price?
  1. Are you paying it on time?
  1. Does your virtual assistant have the necessary equipment or software to perform your task efficiently enough?
  1. Did you think that your virtual assistant might be a problem right now?

Does not answer my emails or calls

Communication is an essential part of the virtual work relationship, and if your virtual assistant does not communicate with you, then you need to take care of it. If your he interrupts the communication with you, I think something is wrong.

  1. Could it be that your virtual assistant maintains a very strict time management and his e-Mails answered only once a day, eg. At 00
  1. Does your virtual assistant ignore calls because you call at least four times?
  1. Is your virtual assistant trying to steer clear for some reason?
  1. Are you too demanding or do you expect too much of yours?
  1. Do you know the working time or schedule of your virtual assistant?

The work has become much worse

This is even worse if your virtual assistant has done your work to a very high standard and in the past it has been consistently high quality. There may, however, be reasons for this. So before you complain, you should first think about the following things:

  1. Has he done this task for you before, or is she completely new to him?

      2. Have you asked him for something that is not really part of his specialty?

  1. Did you give him an unrealistic deadline?
  1. Have not you given him clear instructions so he knows what is expected of him?

He wants his freelance work at Upwork not give up

This is a scenario that is likely to occur when you use these outsourcing platforms more and more. You will find someone who consistently delivers high quality work, on time and at a very reasonable price. But you should not commit the mistake, ask him to join you and give up his “daily” income.

You must understand that many of these freelancers use these outsourcing platforms when their regular work becomes less or they need extra income to normal work.

They use these Virtual Assistant Solutions because:

They know that they are guaranteed to be paid when they perform a task.

They know that if they can not suffer a buyer, they never have to work for him again.

They know they can work on these platforms according to their will and schedule.

So if you want them to give up these three things for you and rely on you, give them enough work and pay them on time, then I will make a very big request.

You should also consider that some of these freelancers on these platforms work at much lower rates than they charge their ordinary customers. And if you want to pay in about the same price, then this is not exactly an incentive for them.

Just trusting a customer is a big risk for freelancers. Therefore, you should not commit the mistake of expecting them to give up everything for you. In addition, you should not ask directly on these platforms, because otherwise you can be banned from these platforms!

I think my virtual assistant is a little too creative about his time

This problem is difficult, but here, too, there are solutions. For example:

If your virtual assistant says he has worked 3 hours on a task, but you know that you normally only need half of that time, you need some kind of time tracking software.

If you think your virtual assistant is too long for a task, then you need to find out why.

Is it because the task assignments have not been properly explained to him?

Is it because he uses a different software like you?

Is it because it is not really its specialty?

If the problem is one of these things, and you talked to your virtual assistant about it, why not give this particular task to someone who has more experience in this field?

As you can see from the five mistakes mentioned above, there are inevitably a few minor problems when you work with a virtual assistant for a long time.

Identifying the error paves the way for a long-term commitment and an advantageous collaboration between you and your virtual assistant. So do not give up too fast.