Defensive Driving: Prepared for the Worst

Most employees travel the roads every day… in cars, vans or trucks… many of them on company business. Each year, traffic accidents claim over 30,000 lives and cause more than a million serious injuries. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death on the job.

Speeding on the Highway

Motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 cause of occupational fatalities and the leading cause of death for ages 2-39 and ages 50-72. Plus, the increasing number of new drivers and vehicles on the road creates a continuing need for defensive driving training across all age groups. In accordance with the California Labor Code, employers must ensure that employees receive general safe and healthy work practices training and specific instructions with respect to workplace hazards associated with their job assignments. Driving a vehicle has its inherent risks; therefore, affected employees must meet the State’s DDT requirements. All state employees who frequently drive on state business should successfully complete an approved defensive driver training course at least once every four (4) years, in accordance with the State Administrative Manual (SAM) Section 0751 & 0752.

PCS Consultants, Inc. trains thousands in defensive driving techniques, with more than 2,000 participants annually. We were one of the best organization to offer defensive driving programs, and we’ve continued to innovate and set the standards in the field ever since.  We are committed to ensuring that people get what they need from PCS to drive defensively—knowledge, skills and perspective that will help them continue to prevent injuries and save even more lives. We continue to lead and join with other public and private sectors to educate and advocate for best practices in driver safety.

Our goal is to save even more lives by educating not only teens and parents of new drivers but, each and everyone of us who share our nation’s highways.

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