Environmental Health and Safety

Safety for man and the environment has top priority – in our own business processes and in the application of our products.

Management system

PCS Consultants have established worldwide standards for safety and environmental protection. We implement these guidelines through our internal management systems. We focus on minimizing safety risks and environmental impact, as well as on the efficient use of energy, resources and materials. In this way, we are implementing our commitment, as defined in our Group Policy on Safety, Health, Environment and Quality.

In order to continue to improve, we continuously analyze possible weaknesses in terms of safety and environmental protection in our business processes. PCS Consultants consider not only our locations, but also the transport of our products and their application to customers. We communicate the findings from this event reporting internally in order to learn from it.

Awareness of Environmental Health and Safety

PCS Consultants systematically train employees for occupational health and safety, work safety, product safety and environmental risks. We can make the best of security as a good example.