Function of an HR Consultant

When talking about recruiters you might think of mysterious headhunters with high-level contacts or assessment centers.

The truth lies in the middle since most recruiters offer a broad portfolio of recruitment, placement and selection of new employees.

Placement of specialist and management staff

The focus is in almost all of the deliberation and recruitment of professionals and executives. This is understandable because, given the fact that this service is not offered in vain, companies seek for HR consulting, especially in places of central importance to the company.

Good consultants, however, do not just act as mediators, but work with many instruments.

On this basis, it is decided together with the clients how the recruitment process will be. This can be the direct approach of the consultant’s contacts, but also the support of a classic tender procedure. Perhaps the client needs only an intensive consultation, which leads to the numerous recruiting models for the optimal occupation of his place.

Competence and communication

In-depth knowledge and a high methodical competence in personnel management are essential. Most of the employees in the industry have a degree in business administration and intensive professional language or a specialization in the human resources sector.

In addition, the activity requires a high communication skills and a sophisticated, coordinated look. At the same time, well-known companies trust the personnel consultants to fill key positions! And the highly qualified and professionally successful applicants should also feel comfortable and competent during the entire selection process.

Because personnel changes in the economy may be a sensitive issue, it goes without saying that recruiters with absolute discretion proceed. And since the search for top personnel does not stop at national boundaries, fluent English and another foreign language also belong to the basic equipment of the consultants.

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