Training and Development

Discover your potential with PCS Consultants.

We at California want our employees to learn and develop. This is a key element in maintaining the enthusiasm, creativity and commitment of our employees around the world. We are always looking for new ways to release the potential of our employees.

Partners for Growth

We aim to promote excellence through regular meetings. Basically it is a dialogue that requires performance on both sides: A company’s executives need to know their employees, direct them to strategic priorities and evaluate them as individuals.

Through a combination of performance assignments, discussions on the career and an individual development plan, you can develop both personally and professionally, which also benefits the company.

PCS Consultants Training

The training encompasses our worldwide educational and development resources and gives you access to the best information resources PCS Consultants has to offer. Starting with face-to-face training courses and e-learning courses, as well as materials for self-development and virtual lessons, the training offers you the opportunity to develop further both professionally and with regard to your leadership skills, so that you can pursue a career in the modern sense.

Groundbreaking performance coaching

Numerous programs are offered, ranging from the development of executives and groundbreaking performance coaching to the change and project management system as well as courses on influence, support for employees and presentations. In this way, you can benefit from these information opportunities at every stage of your career.

If you are a leader, you can access your own team for your team to view training and development activities in your team and to book places in training sessions online for your team.