What Digitization have to do with Staffing

Today, there should be more effective recruiting concepts.

Tomorrow a better personnel development for the future executives.

Yesterday however, it was still “You should only ensure a smooth administration”.

Nevertheless, it is almost as important as a strategic preparation of the HR areas for the changes associated with the ever-increasing digitization of all business sectors. It is particularly difficult to justify a management’s personal service as an internal service provider, who is always struggling to justify its value – and thus its costs – in the future.

Conversely, the issue of digitization offers an excellent opportunity to make the strategic value of good personnel work clear.

Sensitize the management of the personnel-specific challenges

We can safely assume that the management of digitalization is not primarily concerned with its employees but with the changes in markets and business models as well as with the technical prerequisites that must be created by the company.

The first task of the HR manager is therefore to raise the top management level to the fact that the process of digitizing the company will not succeed if the employees are not prepared for it – and thus become an active participant in the strategic process.

Train employees

Altered business models and the increased use of digital applications require changed skills among employees. An important contribution of the HR to the success of the digitization in one’s own company is to identify the training requirements at an early stage and define appropriate training concepts.

These must be implemented at the latest when the technical changes have been realized. Those who begin with the establishment of the training requirements only after a technical investment is expected to have little understanding in management and controlling.

The most significant investments will then remain much too long without economic impact.

Preparation and monitoring of the change process

In addition to the “hard” knowledge transfer, successful digitization on the part of the employees and managers also means understanding and acceptance for the background of the change and for a changed approach to customers and business partners.

Such a change process must be planned and accompanied, and it is precisely in this case that the HR departments can make a meaningful use of the skills and abilities of personnel development.

Changed work model

The digitization will influence many details of the design of workplaces and working times. Some activities no longer have to be carried out at a particular workplace, any Internet access will often suffice as a prerequisite.

Nevertheless, the commitment of employees to their own company should be kept in mind.

Digitization of HR processes

Of course, the personnel administration must also do their own homework in the field of digitization. From staffing, personnel development and digital personnel records to payroll accounting and personnel deployment planning must therefore be checked for potential improvements through automation and digitization.

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