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Imagine having a team of employees who seamlessly accept tasks and challenges of a broad range of projects on the job. Now imagine not having to worry that if an employee leaves the company that the organization will be negatively impacted. These are just a few of the many benefits that cross-training employees can have for your business.

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Many managers, including human resources directors, mistakenly believe that employee motivation can be won through monetary rewards or other perks. They learn soon enough that such perks are taken for granted and that money is not the key to employee motivation.  A professional and unified management, in a good work environment, is the basis on which to build employee motivation.

An effective training technique which results in motivation is cross-training, when implemented horizontally, upward and downward. Department heads, assistants and employees can cross-train in different departments or within the department itself. With background support, employees can have a  one day training in the role of department head (“King for the Day”).  When a General Manager is away, department heads can take roles replacing him, which is a form of cross-training.

With states, cities and counties facing budget shortages and losing employees to retirement, it is imperative to develop a flexible workforce. Cross training, teaching an employee who was hired to perform one job function the skills required to perform other job functions, can help.

With the demand to do more with less, organizations have found that employees involved in cross training not only become skilled at tasks outside the parameters of their job, they become greater assets for the organization while gaining knowledge and skills that benefit them personally. In addition to increased workforce flexibility, lower turnover and higher skill sets, PCS Consultants, Inc. Job Training and Cross Training will help employees and employers to see the big picture and become happier at work.

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