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Interim Assignments

The consultant may serve in a “On-Site” capacity providing management with day-to-day operations consulting generally no longer than six months. The consultant serves on an “interim” basis while the client is experiencing a job opening that has not yet been filled, changes in management, departmental design/improvement projects, or other transitional periods.

Project-Based Assignments

We match our client requirements with a consultant that is highly qualified within the specific area of expertise required for the project. These assignments may be short-term or long-term. You must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 10 years experience, prior management experience, and a bachelor-s degree and/or equivalent education. Requirements may change, based on project criteria.

Temporary Assignments

Generally require fast, seamless placement, so these positions are best suited to consultants that are flexible and possess a broad-based skill set. Positions include: supplemental staffing, supplemental-to-direct staffing, direct placement, and total outsourcing. We offer short- and long-term temporary assignments, as well as part-time and full-time positions.