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Environmental Health & Safety Compliance

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PCS Consultants, Inc. provides comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHS) to minimize health and safety impacts to companies of different industries. PCS EHS promotes a positive, integrated safety culture for companies, advocates safe and healthy living, learning, and working environments, and helps departments comply with regulations and mandates.

PCS delivers innovative, leading-edge environmental, health and safety (EHS) services to multi-sector clients worldwide. From corporate-level environmental policy setting and enterprise-wide assessments, to facility-level EHS outsourcing initiatives and support, PCS’ client-focused, cost-effective and reliable EHS solutions improve operational efficiency, reduce risk, liability and fines – adding true business value.

PCS has worked in the safety, health and environmental profession for more than 30 years in various capacities, including serving as the safety and health manager for different manufacturing companies. Our experience includes managing the safety and health program, ensuring OSHA compliance and employee participation, managing occupational health services and workers’ compensation, and various environmental responsibilities including risk management plans and toxic release inventory.

We are your one-stop resource for a wide variety of safety and health solutions. We offer a breadth of services that help you navigate through the complexities of safety compliance.

Our top-notch services:

  1. Job-Site Safety Assessments
  2. Best Safety Practices
  3. Compliance and Enforcement
  4. Workers Compensation and Safety Practices
  5. Hazardous Materials
  6. Emergency Planning
  7. Training and Development
  8. Accident Prevention
  9. Loss Control Services