Forklift Training and Certification - PCS Consultants, Inc.

Forklift Training and Certification

Forklift Training and Certification - PCS Consultants

At PCS Consultants, we set for the theoretical training to impart the following knowledge:

  1. knowledge of the legal bases
  2. knowledge of accidents
  3. knowledge about the structure and function of a forklift
  4. knowledge of drive systems
  5. knowledge of stability
  6. knowledge of audits of the forklift
  7. knowledge about the handling of load
  8. knowledge of special operations
  9. knowledge of traffic routes and rules

With this practical training, we aim to provide the following knowledge.

  1. Knowledge of the daily operational test
  2. Knowledge of picking up the load
  3. Knowledge of the risk areas of the forklift
  4. Knowledge about leaving the truck
  5. Knowledge of driving and stacking (eg high-bay)
  6. Knowledge of the practical use in different types of bearings