Harassment Prevention Training in California

What is California Harassment Training?

Workplace harassment is one of the major sources of litigation in the United States, including California. In a bid to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, the California AB 1825 was passed in September 2004 that then took effect in January 2005. Under the California AB 1825, any business or enterprise in California with 50 or more employees shall provide all their supervisors with sexual harassment prevention training. This continual harassment training in California
 should be a total of two hours, which does not have to be consecutive. The training can be over the course of a few days or even months. The number of 50 employees include full-time, part-time, and temporary workers, as well as contractors or others, to perform services outside the state of California. Apart from lessons focused on identifying what is considered workplace harassment in California, the changes has now included components that will address the prevention of any workplace abusive conduct.

What are the benefits of harassment training to your business?

Since the passage of the law, the prescribed topics on what employers must meet in the AB 1825 law 
has changed. The advantages of the harassment training and abusive conduct training for employees, meanwhile, far outweigh whatever the cost it may entail any enterprises.

  • Boost productivity

    Addressing incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination will naturally boost workplace productivity.

  • Safe Workplace

    Sexual misconduct in the workplace can ruin working relations and bring down team morale. Ensuring a safer workplace environment replaces hostile environment, thus affecting productivity.

  • Smart Use of Resources

    Resources will be focused on the organization’s real business instead of them being diverted for expensive litigations.

  • Good business

    A culture that promote workplace safety, and anti-harassment and anti-discrimination zones is good business, especially when this image is projected outside of the organization.

These are just some of the known benefits when you take all reasonable steps that will ensure compliance with the new AB 1825 training requirements. The state mandates employers registered in California to take steps that will ensure utmost safety and protection of their employees against harassment in enterprises.

What PCS Consultants, Inc. training can offer?

Not only can sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace affect your employees’ productivity and morale, it can subtract resources from your company’s real business. This in turn, makes PCS Consultant training for employees nothing less than important.  

Our training programs meet California law regulating workplace harassment (AB1825). We make sure that our training options are convenient and low-cost. We can also provide trainings in English and Spanish.

Here are three training options that you can avail:

Our E-Learning Online Training

This is a more convenient way to comply with the California sexual harassment training law, requiring employers to provide trainings for managers and supervisors.

As with all the other training courses we offer, our online harassment training for employees includes:

  • Two (2) hours compliance requirements for California AB 1825
  • Learn at your own pace. There is a ‘save your spot’ option that allows you to return to your training
  • Administrative tracking and reporting
  • Interactive ‘best practices’ training
  • Completion of AB 1825 trainer certification

Live Webinar Training

This course is ideal for organizations based in multiple locations and whose employees are based in and outside California. We will customize your organization’s trainings to meet your needs and compliance to the mandate of the AB 1825 law.

Our live online workplace harassment training webinar includes

  • Mandatory two (2) hours of training
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Practical guidance about federal and state statutory provisions on the subject
  • Practical examples of how participants can identify and prevent discrimination and harassment
  • Provide Certificate of Completion to active participants

Instructor Led Training

We can visit you ‘on-site’ to provide training in your place or in our location. This training meets the requirements of the California sexual harassment training law.

Here is what our training includes:

  • Mandatory two (2) hours of sexual harassment prevention training in California
  • Guidance about federal and state statutory provisions on the California law
  • Practical examples of how participants can identify and prevent discrimination and harassment

Our trainers are knowledgeable about the requirements of this course to ensure that participants truly understand and recognize the issues of most importance to your organizations. Since we are concerned about giving you the best education about this subject matter, we aimed the training to help participants reduce the risk and encourage compliant behavior.

How to enroll to the training?

We offer employers in California convenient and low cost training options to equip their employees with effective workshops regarding workplace harassment prevention training. The PCS training programs meet California AB 1825 law and available in different languages. You may call or contact PCS for more information on availability, training customization and enrollment procedures.

What are the needed requirements?

The California AB 1825 mandates employers to provide every two years at least two hours of effective training to all their supervisory level employees on the prevention of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

The objectives of the trainings is to assist employers in California in changing or modifying workplace behaviors that contribute to or create ‘sexual harassment’. Supervisors and managers who will complete the mandated trainings must be equipped with the values that will assist them in preventing and effectively responding to incidents of sexual harassment.

The subjects that the trainings must cover include:

  • A definition of sexual harassment under California and federal law, other forms of harassment, and more
  • Statutory provisions and case law concerning the prohibition against the prevention of unlawful sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation in employment
  • What constitutes sexual harassment and what strategies to employ to prevent harassment
  • Remedies available to affected victims
  • Strategies to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Resources for victims of unlawful sexual harassment
  • Obligation of employers to conduct an effective workplace investigation of a harassment complaint
  • What supervisor should do when personally reported to be committing harassment

Common problems encountered in workplace about harassment

Without effective training and education, harassment in the workplace will abound. As defined in law, unlawful sexual harassment is the unwelcome sexual physical or verbal conduct in any company.

The common problems encountered in the workplace in view of unwelcome harassment are as follows:

  • Incidents of workplace harassment creates a hostile or offensive working environment
  • When the conduct becomes so frequent or severe, it can impact the productivity of the victim
  • Employees are unaware about the definition of unlawful sexual harassment
  • There are some gray areas about harassment that further confounds the issue, leading to confusion
  • When there is a permissive culture of harassment, it can allow bad behavior to fester long enough to lower morale
  • Victim’s low morale can lead to employee attrition
  • Incidents of sexual harassment at work can ruin working relations, eroding team morale
  • Stigma persists around reporting situations of sexual harassment