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Human Resource Consulting

PCS-Consultants is always on-the-ready to provide your staff with supplementary and complementary services when you need to bring a human resources professional on-site. Our consultants – all with 10+ yrs industry experience – are knowledgeable in designing and executing proven solutions and strategies.

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Services Offered:

Full-Services HR Service

  • Interim Human Resources Partner
  • HR Administrative Services
  • Advice on HR-related issues
  • Coaching and Mentoring Staff
  • Phone Support
  • Payroll and Administration
  • Benefits Administration
  • Leave of Absence compliance
  • Recordkeeping Administration
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Implement systematic approach to various HR administrative responsibilities
  • Conduct training for Managers and Employees on priority areas, such as Performance Management, Safety, Policy & Procedures, Hiring Practices and Avoiding Negative Employee Relations

HR Department Assessment

  • Assessment of current practices (29 Point Check)
  • Review compliance of Local, State, and Federal requirements
  • Review current Company Policies and Procedures
  • Preview proper State and Federal notification practices
  • Review Hiring Practices
  • Review position descriptions
  • Review Compensation Practices
  • Review Benefits Administration
  • Review COBRA Compliance
  • Review recordkeeping practices
  • Review I-9 Compliance Practices
  • Review Legal Posters (State and Federal)

Employee Handbook Development

  • Update current handbook as necessary
  • Develop Company Specific Policies
  • Meet with Management team to develop strategy
  • Assist with Manager and Supervisor Training
  • Provide Legal Review
  • Updates at no additional fee for the first year
  • Coordinate Design Strategy and Printing
  • Work with teams to establish timeline and delivery date


Claims and Investigations

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Gender Related Claims
  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • Workplace Threats and Violence
  • Accident Investigations
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Inventory Losses
  • Security Breaches

Training and Development

  • Harassment Prevention for Managers (AB1825 Compliance)
  • Harassment Prevention for All Employees
  • Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
  • COBRA Administration
  • Workers’ Compensation Administration
  • Executive Leadership Series
  • Building a Wining Business Culture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategies for Managing People
  • Employee Conflict Resolution
  • Ties and Tattoos (Managing a Diverse Workforce)
  • Fundamentals of Human Resources Practices