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Human Resource Consulting

Being a supervisor or manager can sometimes be overwhelming considering all that you need to be aware of when supervising employees. How do I conduct a Professional Management Program? Whom should I contact for help with disciplinary issues? How do I deal with conflict among my employees? What leadership style(s) would work best for my individual employees? These are just few of the questions that most supervisors are confused.

Every business, regardless of size, must have its key personnel. Someone must make the decisions, issue the orders and be responsible for the outcome. The manner in which these things are accomplished could mean the success or failure of a business venture. The supervisor who can develop the skills of personnel and create a serious interest in waste prevention and higher productivity will be the individual who will move to the top in any company.

To build trust between a supervisor and an employee can take years. But, it can take only moments to tear it down. This trust is the bedrock of effective problem solving and management. First, a supervisor must trust that an employee is willing and capable of doing a good job. A supervisor must be able to loosen control (or the illusion of control) over problem solving and allow each employee the authority, the "job ownership" to affect their own jobs. Who would know more about fixing the process than the employee actually using it?

Human Resource Consulting California

Remember, most of you are supervisors because you were the best workers, so your natural tendency is to jump right in and fix a problem. Now, you need to step back and "coach" an employee by supplying the needed resources, training and support for them to improve their piece of the process. You're being paid as a supervisor, not a worker!

Secondly, an employee must be able to trust that, should they make a legitimate mistake, they won't be personally punished for it. Where the employee may need guidance from you is with problem recognition. To even begin to solve a problem, you must uncover the root cause of the problem.

PCS-Consultants is always on-the-ready to provide your staff with supplementary and complementary services when you need to bring a human resources professional on-site. Our consultants – all with 10+ yrs industry experience – are knowledgeable in designing and executing proven solutions and strategies.

  • Subscription Service
    • HR Hotline for One Year
    • Regulatory and Compliance Email Alerts
    • Access to a Library of Forms (Including Safety Tailgate Kits and HR Forms)
    • Exclusive Webinars
    • Conference, Seminar, and Product Discounts of up to 15% Off

  • HR Assessment
    • Assessment of current practices and employee record-keeping
    • Review compliance of Local, State, and Federal requirements
    • Review current policies and procedures
    • Preview proper state and federal notification practices
    • Review documentation compliance and consistency
    • Other areas, as required

  • HR "Best" Practices
    • Provide on-going support to managers and employees on HR management
    • Conduct training for managers and employees on priority areas, such as performance management, safety, policy & procedures, hiring practices and avoiding negative employee relations
    • Implement systematic approach to various HR administrative responsibilities

  • Ongoing HR Support - Provide regular or as needed HR presence
    • Phone and/or in-house service
    • Guidelines development and interpretation
    • Advise and counsel on HR-related issues
    • Problem resolution
    • Employee relations

  • Staffing and Recruiting
    • Update employment practice
    • Develop and implement hiring guidelines
    • Review position descriptions and update, if necessary
    • Screen and interview candidates for employment
    • Develop recruitment strategy
    • Recruit candidates

  • On-Site Services
    • Interim HR Director
    • Leave of Absence compliance
    • HR administration services:
      • Ensure compliance and consistency
      • Serve as a resource for questions/concerns
      • Assist with HR or benefit plan design/enrollment
      • Employee notification and updates
    • Temporary team
    • Mentoring
    • On-site advise and council