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At PCS Consultants, Inc. we are composed of professional business consultants and experienced managers who share the same passion in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve success with real impact.

PCS Business Consultants – Los Angeles

PCS Consultants, Inc. offers a range of business consulting services for small businesses in various industries, such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, financial services and more. We also

PCS Consultants, Inc. is an affiliation of professional business consultants and experienced managers with over 50 years of experience in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, financial services and non-profit organizations.

Compared to some of Los Angeles’ top small business consulting firms, PCS Consultants, Inc. provides professional advisory and interim startup business consulting services to organizations.

We work with small to large-sized enterprises, Fortune 500 corporations and high growth companies that seek the assistance of PCS’ business consultants Los Angeles to help them achieve success and find solution to their face-changing business issues.

PCS Small Business Consulting – Los Angeles

Unlike other small business management consulting firms in town, PCS Consultants, Inc. offers short-term and interim business and management consultancy services related to the following:

  • Operations Management
  • Human Resources
  • Health and Safety Compliance
  • Information Technology

We tailor our small business consulting Los Angeles services to every customer’s needs and budget.

Our professionals will partner with your company to provide a range of consulting services tailored to your needs and budget. Let our consultants help you in front of your competition.

Cal OSHA Compliance in Los Angeles

PCS Consultants, Inc. offers Workplace Safety Compliance and OSHA Training to help organizations better understand employers’ and employees’ rights and responsibilities about workplace safety and hazards.

Organizations approach PCS Consultants to help them not only become effective and efficient in the long haul but to help them meet the CAL OSHA Los Angeles CA’s safety and health requirements.

Complying to CAL OSHA Los Angeles

PCS provides various training options that will ensure organizations meet all CAL OSHA safety meeting requirements when it comes to hazardous materials, on-the-job accidents, employee threats, toxic chemicals hazards, dangerous equipments, ergonomic issues, and many more safety and health-related concerns.

Our customized CAL OSHA Injury and Illness Prevention Program for companies include walking you through a typical Cal/OSHA inspection tour. We will explain what the Cal/OSHA compliance officer will look for during inspection.

Just as important as the training for employees to know what are the different hazards they will face in the workplace is knowing what procedures to follow in order to avoid those hazards. The OSHA required annual safety training must encompass policies, practices, and techniques to effectively implement and oversee the implementation of your health and safety programs.

Safety Training Service Options

See all of the options we offer regarding our OSHA required annual safety training services below:

Onsite Safety Training. Our OSHA-authorized trainers come to your site and conduct comprehensive safety training on a range of topics for your employees, managers and supervisors.

Online Training Courses. Anyone who needs to complete the training in a hurry can enroll in our CALL OSHA 30 hour training online courses. We also provide a comprehensive array of other online safety training topics, including the procedures on how to call OSHA on a company site location.

All training courses are documented and certified per OSHA requirements.

Forklift Training  in Los Angeles CA

At PCS Consultants, Inc. we believe in providing the tools necessary for our clients to succeed in the workplace. We are here to help you gain your OSHA certification for forklift operator to help you thrive in the workplace.

PCS Forklift Training Los Angeles

Forklift accidents can cause tremendous downtime as you and your company try to respond and provide emergency actions to injured operators, workers on the job site and even people nearby. Human error is reportedly the major culprit, which can then lead to safety risks.

Forklift-related accidents can be minimized if not prevented wholly through proper training.

If you’re the operations manager or human resources managers, you’re most likely asked questions like these a  couple times: “Where can I get certified to operate a forklift?” or “Can you point me to an all purpose forklift training and certification near me?”

At PCS Consultants, Inc. we provide specialized Forklift Training Los Angeles for sit down, stand up and telescopic forklifts. Our training provides forklift certification for operators who are assessed can competently perform operations and safe performance of cranes.

Our trainings are custom-designed to give operators the knowledge to operate safely and reduce accidents, which can weigh down on the bottom line of the business.

Where to Get OSHA Certified Near You

Wondering where to get OSHA forklift certification? Don’t worry, the PCS training for forklift operators is offered at your location. We also conduct trainings online from your desktop or laptop computer.

Our fork truck train the trainer courses cover the very basics of operating and maintaining a Forklift. Our Forklift trainings are our assurance to you that safety comes first as our priority.

Call and schedule a class anytime at your convenience.

Sexual Harassment Training  in Los Angeles

New changes in the regulatory environment and ongoing requirements create several challenges and new complexities for organizations across all industries. At PCS Consultants, we hand you the keys to learn the basics of compliance to California state’s AB 1825 and AB 20153 through our customized workplace violence and harassment training.

To learn what is harassment in the workplace, when to enroll for California sexual harassment training law, and how technology platforms can help streamline compliance-related requirements and processes, we offer the following training options:

  • On-site Harassment Training for Employees. Our experienced consultants will go onsite to train your employees about workplace harassment from understanding the complex regulations, to complying with regulatory requirements and meeting deadlines.
  • Online Harassment Training for Employees.  We will provide your employees from and outside California with proper and effective training with our workplace harassment solution. We will also make available for your use in the training unlimited handouts and videos that will help save your time and money.

Should you wish to learn more, you may click this link to inquire and our customer care specialist will contact you.

Human Resource Consulting in Los Angeles

The intensified competitive and economic pressures in the business landscape presents companies with enormous challenge and the best the companies can do is to be nimble. At PCS Consultants, we understand that human resources management is critical to business success that is why you can trust us to help you become a strategic force through offloading your HR functions to us.

With experience in handling our clients’ most complex HR and benefits challenges, each of our human resources professionals are competent and reliable in mounting human resources training and development programs and human resource management training for organizations of all sizes.

Compared with other top human resource consulting firms, our Human Resources Consulting Services for small business are tailor-fitted and scaled to create better experience for our clients’ employees. The end result is satisfied clients who enjoy reduced bottom line.

As more and more HR consulting firms for small business emerge, we make sure that we, at PCS Consultants, stand out in the human resources consulting Los Angeles area. We do this by ensuring that we understand your unique HR needs – from finding, recruiting, and retaining the best talent to reducing the overall cost of your workforce.

We also pride our ability to help our clients from different industries and Forbes 500 corporations reduce costs while helping them become more competitive in the marketplace.

Among other HR services that we offer, you can consider the following among our best solutions:

  • HR Onsite Consulting
  • Environmental Health (Service Plans May Vary) & Safety Compliance
  • Recruitment Services
  • Prevention Programs
  • Training and Development Programs
  • HR Resource Materials
  • Products & Software
  • Online Support