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Are you doing everything you can to ensure high morale, productivity, and the safety of employees?

Take a moment to complete the information below and let a PCS Consultant provide you with an initial HR Assessment Survey.

*Phone Number
*Email Address
*Number of Employees
*How many employment sites do you have
*Location of work site.
*Is your company union or non union


*Enter the number of years the company been in business?
*Do employees sign acknowledgment of at-will employment?


*Is the company Employee Handbook up to date? No
*How are hiring decisions made? Each Manager
*Do you conduct pre-employment or post-employment substance testing and/or physical exams? No
*Do you conduct background checks or investigations? No
*Does your company have a new hire orientation program? No
*Are employees classified appropriately under exempt/non-exempt? No
*Are measurable performance goals and objectives in place for each employee? No
*Are corrective action procedures in place? No
*Are pay guidelines updated and in place? No
*How knowledgeable are you in the area of Workers Comp, COBRA, HIPPA, OSHA Very Not at all
*Is there an emergency evacuation plan in place? No