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Our skilled business consultants can help you identify what your weak areas and negative factors are that continue to weigh down your potential for growth.

Dedicated Business Consultant for your Business

We will assign for you a business consultant who will walk you through our step-by-step process:

  • Clarify goals and objectives of your business
  • Create a plan that will help drive you to your peak business performance
  • Execute the agreed business roadmap and strategy for your business

Unlike most companies engaged in management consulting in Orange County, PCS Consultants, Inc. strives to help small businesses to anticipate as much as they can when approaching the planning stage.

To help you arrive at a better decision, we will compare your current situation with your projected potential. Our approach to situation analysis is geared to help you realize the benefits certain changes can bring forth to your bottom line.

PCS Consultants, Inc. develop solutions that are practical, flexible and feasible for your situation. The small business consulting services we offer are all-inclusive and comprehensive, from management consulting in Orange County.

The strategies we design can help resolve the core of any problem areas in your company, focused on targeting and delivering your product to your intended audience.

Why Choose Us

One thing that makes PCS Consultants, Inc. stand out in the burgeoning number of consulting firms in Orange County, is the kind of attention we give our customers. We will work with you in preparing you for problems that might arise in the future.

Our goal is to help you gain the competitive edge to face today’s fast-paced, competitive challenges in the long haul. To date, our general business consulting services for small to large-sized enterprises include:

To contact us about general business consulting services in Orange County, and throughout California, please click here.

Cal OSHA Compliance in Orange County

When your startup business is located in Orange County, you know there is no excuse to failing to meet state-mandated requirements. Apart from minding your business, you know that so much of your time will be spent around stressing over legal details of your compliance to safety.

PCS Consultants, Inc. has extensive experience working with Orange County companies helping them meet their OSHA compliance. When it comes to OSHA compliance, our services include not only education, but also training and assessment for small businesses and large-sized corporate clients.

Why Trust us for your Cal OSHA Compliance

New laws and the changes that affect your industry that come with government requirements can present challenges to meet them without delay. Small businesses, especially those with very staff or enough hours in the day, can find it difficult to take care of compliance issues.

You can count on PCS Consultants, Inc. to assist you with your Cal OSHA compliance concerns. We have compliance experts who can assist you in the following areas:

  • Safety Audits
  • Assistance designing your safety manuals
  • Drafting instructions for hazardous waste handling and disposal
  • Distribution of OSHA posters and other required printouts

Our Cal OSHA Courses

We help companies maintain their OSHA compliance by first having our risk management team perform risk assessments of your safety situation that will identify areas of concern. Then we will also suggest solutions your business can opt to implement in order to improve safety, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Here are the kinds of training you can enroll your employees with:

  • On-site Safety Training. PCS Consultants, Inc. offers the following safety training on-site: OSHA compliance training, disaster preparedness training, and other services to businesses. If you’re in Orange County, we’ll come to you to make sure your members or employees know how to keep themselves healthy and safe.
  • Online Safety Training. On-site training can oftentimes present numerous challenges for any number of reasons: scheduling conflicts, space issues, location issues, and more. PCS Consultants, Inc. then believe offering an online safety training can provide easy, accessible and convenient way for companies to let their employees get trained and certified.

Forklift Training in Orange County

Getting your employees trained in forklift use in Orange County will always be a number one priority in order to comply to OSHA requirements. It is crucial  for a forklift operator to be totally qualified.

Why Forklift Training is Important

If your business has many types of the forklifts in the worksite, you must assure that no operator are not fully trained in driving on the type of the forklift that will be used.

Knowing that there are many kinds of forklifts each with unique features, controls, and operating hazards it presents, it is then vital that the training course should be geared specifically to the type of equipment an operator will be driving.

PCS Consultants Inc. offer training courses and certification for forklift operators. In light of OSHA recommendation for businesses, we offer forklift training that is comprised of classroom and hands-on demonstration. We require trainees to take the classroom lecture first to learn the theories and safety aspects of operating a forklift.

In order for your employees to get certified, our forklift training instructors will then hand over a set of tasks that your employees will need to satisfactorily complete. That is why it is important to learn from the practical training so that finishing the task will be convenient for you.

The training instructor will only issue forklift license or operator card once your employee fully satisfy and meet the course requirements. The certification will also be issued to your employee, which can then be used as credential to you as the employer.

Summing up

Attending PCS Consultants, Inc. forklift training will only take some of your time and money. Our courses will only take you one to two days to complete while the cost will still depend on the duration and comprehensiveness of the course. Getting your forklift certification can reap you with great benefits.

Sexual Harassment Training in Orange

At PCS Consultants Inc., our main interest is in helping you protect your company and your assets. Many times this means providing the right training and courses beyond the legal minimums.

In addition to helping you meet OSHA requirements, our team of experienced trainers will perform crucial compliance assessments in order to identify areas of concern, including workplace safety and security and sexual harassment situations.

We will then tailor our sexual harassment training your company can implement in order to improve safety, boost productivity and ensure employee satisfaction while decreasing abuses, exploitation and harassment in your office.

More than our proven solutions for workplace safety, we hand you the keys to learn the basics of compliance to AB 1825 and AB 20153 through our workplace violence and harassment training.

We offer the following training:

  • On-site Harassment Training for Employees. Our experienced trainers will go onsite to train your employees about basic anti-harassment regulations, compliance and meeting government requirements.
  • Online Harassment Training for Employees. Our workplace harassment trainings are designed for companies in and outside California to ensure compliance to government requirements.

To learn more our sexual harassment training, click this link and our customer care specialist will contact you.

Human Resource Consulting in Los Angeles

The competition and tightening economic condition in the business landscape present companies with challenges unique to their shapes and sizes. We understand that companies will need effective human resources management in order to be effective.

Our services start from finding, recruiting and retaining the best talent to work for our clients while helping them save on cost. You can avail the following HR services from PCS Consultants, Inc.:

  • HR Onsite Consulting
  • Environmental Health (Service Plans May Vary) & Safety Compliance
  • Recruitment Services
  • Prevention Programs
  • Training and Development Programs
  • HR Resource Materials
  • Products & Software
  • Online Support

At PCS Consultants, Inc. we offer human resources consulting to small and large-sized companies in California. Our human resources services are tailor-fitted and scaled to create a sound and economical solution to companies that will leave them satisfied with our approach.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our HR consulting services at PCS Consultants, Inc. can help.

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