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    People Manager makes it easy to keep accurate personnel records and document actions like hiring, promotions, reviews or terminations. It reminds you about important events like benefits eligibility dates, and it gives you flexible options for tracking attendance and interfacing with your payroll service.

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    Your daily "to-do" calendar alerts you to current and past-due personnel tasks. With helpful checklists and automatic documentation for tasks completed, you'll have confidence that everything from scheduling performance evaluations to confirming benefits eligibility is handled properly and on time.

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    Store detailed employee information hire and review dates and benefits information to emergency contacts and personal information to photo IDs.

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    Prepare your payroll information and calculate normal work hours for each payroll period. People Manager features easy-to-use export features and allows you to calculate a summary of attendance data adjustments.

    Key Features

    Attendance Tracking
    Flexible, accurate attendance and time-off tracking.

    Reminders & Documentation
    Daily reminders and automatic documentation for important tasks.

    Employee Data Storage
    Stores employee information, salary history, benefits information and performance ratings.

    Automatically creates detailed reports and graphs summarizing strategic information.

    Payroll Service Integration
    Calculates work hours and exports time keeping data.

    Forms, Checklists & Tools
    Contains dozens of employment forms, letters, checklists and an exemption tester.

    Why Use People Manager?

    If you're not a Human Resource expert, you may not even realize the risks involved when employee management tasks aren't handled properly — or what you stand to gain when they are. That's why you need People Manager.

    It's like having a full-time HR expert to centralize all your employee information, alert you to the legal significance of employee management issues and provide you with expert HR advice.

    Spend less time wondering about what you might have overlooked. Protect your company from litigation, and build employee confidence by making sure nothing falls through the cracks!

    Get organized. Get informed. Get People Manager.

    Automatically reminds you of crucial tasks

    *View daily lists of employee-related tasks.
    * Find comprehensive checklists for legally sensitive processes like hiring, termination, performance evaluation and more.
    * Automatically document actions in employee records.

    Flexible and accurate attendance tracking

    * Enter data quickly with an easy-to-use drag and drop calendar.
    * Automatically select, accrue and calculate time off by the week, month or year.
    *Track leaves of absence, jury duty, military leaves and more.
    * Chart each employee's leave status with bar graphs.

    Supports top payroll services

    * Calculates normal payroll work hours.
    * Exports time keeping data.
    * Calculates summaries of attendance data adjustments.

    Stores vital information

    * Centralizes employee personnel data.
    * Stores organizational and legal information.
    * Documents performance review ratings and tracks review dates.
    * Imports employee information and exports data for analysis.

    Provides expert HR advice

    * Contains context-sensitive advice.
    * Provides dozens of forms, letters, agreements and checklists.
    * Links you directly to online tools, information and resources (may require additional subscriber fee).

    Creates reports and charts

    * Includes nearly 50 commonly used reports.
    * Graphs employee information in popular charting styles.
    * Expedites preparing information for EEO, FLSA, IRCA and other federal employment law organizations.

    Price $ 299.00
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