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    If your company is growing, profitable and successful, your organization can benefit from an employee handbook or basic human resources guideline for managers and employees. Improve hiring and retention with clearly communicated policies and performance expectations. Our employee handbooks cover:

    * Company policy on pay, time off, overtime, attendance, performance
    * Work rules and all employment practices

    Whether your business is newly formed, established, small, large, or family-run, our employee handbook offers clear, written policies relating to employee policy and benefits.

    Buy Now to receive these benefits:

    * Prepared by Human Resource professionals
    * A clear and effective handbook containing up-to-date policy statements
    * Appropriate for companies with 10 to 100 employees
    * Clear communication of workplace and performance expectations
    * Reduce risk of compliance violations
    * Provide guidance and direction to managers
    * Quick turn-around
    * Affordable

    Price $ 795.00
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