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    Revolutionize Your Business

    DataBox is a Customer Relationship Management software system fully equipped with easy-to-use business tools engineered for professionals working in almost every industry; manage work flow with ease and efficiency.

    Ever encountered a program with colossal capabilities

    Contact Management

    Organize your contacts the way you want.

    DataBox offers an easily accessible contact tool for managing your contacts that makes follow up, contact history, and information flow dependable.


    * Display of call logs and messages sent to each contact under "contact history"
    * Find contacts based on criteria such as name, county, city, industry and more
    * Print labels or a list of desired contacts
    * Organize contacts as customers, suspects, prospects, vendors or your own category

    Assigned Tasking

    Create tasks for your projects, so your company always stays on track.

    Make single or multi-tasking easy. Create tasks for yourself or others, set a deadline, and watch progress take its course.


    * Send a task to yourself, your sales force or your employees. Includes a designated priority level and deadline date
    * Synchronize with Outlook or other email providers to send reminders for tasks, meetings, or events
    * Track employee progress
    * Create reports for projects, progress, or individual task responsibilities


    Maintain efficiency and customer networks.

    Generate templates for letters, faxes, and emails, include your signature, click on a contact, and send. Check your contact history anywhere in the system!


    * Create different templates for letters, faxes, or emails include a scanned signature, click, and send for any contact
    * Create templates for certificates, preview, and print
    * View correspondence from anywhere in the system

    Proposal Development

    Create custom proposals in minutes; get the answers you need to make the sale.

    Make proposal writing simple with efficient project planning tools to assist you in managing costs, time, and resources.


    * Create jobs and generate budgets
    * Duplicate current proposals and create a new revision
    * Set pricing specific to a customer or include discounts for certain products or services

    Project Management

    Function powerfully and productively.

    Maintain oversight on all of your projects; plan, budget, cost and track progress according to your earliest or latest finish times.


    * Scheduling, contact, and document
    * Display of tasks and related details for respective projects
    * Create checklists and project logs to maintain effective communication with your customers

    Web- Enabled

    At the office, home, or even a lobby connect anywhere via the Internet.

    Multi-User Interface

    Interact with the DataBox system, input information, share access with your office or clients, and retrieve information as you need it on command, in the language you prefer.

    Seamless Installation

    Custom installation and customer support for your business is included. DataBox is ready to use with your log in!

    Other Features:

    * Campaign Management
    * Calendar Capability
    * Time Logging
    * Webmail Access
    * Reporting Tools
    * Individual To Do's
    * Marketing Tools
    * And Much More!

    Order Now! $7,899.00 Single User

    $45.00 Server Storage Fee per Month

    Price $ 7,899.00
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