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    Employee handbooks are crucial to the success of any business. And Policies Now is the simplest way to create personnel policies customized to your organization. With Policies Now you can create an entire employee handbook in a fraction of the time.

    Key Features

    Custom Policies
    Create policies covering hundreds of important issues.

    3 Language Styles
    Choose from three language styles: formal, informal and plain English.

    Q&A Wizard
    Easy-to-use wizard ensures all pertinent information is considered.

    Up to 6 Manuals
    Writes, publishes and maintains up to six separate policy manuals.

    Multiple Design Styles
    Choose from three HTML and eight print designs to achieve the image and style you want.

    Email Routing Capabilities
    Users can share single policies or entire handbooks by email for comment, approval or general distribution.

    Track Revisions
    Tracks policy revisions to provide legal proof of your efforts to maintain working policies and handbook.

    Why Use Policies Now?

    Employee lawsuits are on the rise. And should an employee dispute erupt into litigation, your personnel policies will be among the first documents to be subpoenaed. With Policies Now, you'll have a legally appropriate employee handbook that's specific to your business not just a collection of "canned policies" with your company name on them.

    Writes polices for you

    * Easy-to-use wizard delivers professional results.
    * Q&A process customizes policies and prompts you to consider important issues you might otherwise overlook.
    * Three language styles to choose from formal, informal and plain English.
    * Word processing and formatting capabilities are built in.
    * Spell checker and thesaurus are included.
    * HR Forms Portfolio provides customizable personnel forms, letters, agreements, memos and checklists.

    Publishes with ease

    * Automatically creates table of contents and builds an index.
    * Offers 11 different design styles to support Web and print publications.
    * Supports the use of pictures, graphs and tables.

    Maintains your policies

    * Maintain up to six different policy handbooks to accommodate the needs of different employee groups.
    * Record and track policy revisions.
    * Distribute single policies or entire handbooks by email.
    * Access web links, news and information to help you keep your policies current.

    Protects your organization

    * Complete selection of policies covering hundreds of important issues.
    * Legal and Human Resource expertise and advice is built in.

    Price $ 299.00
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