Business Consulting in San Diego

Our business consultants at PCS Consultants, Inc have more than two decades of real-world senior executive experience as top executives in a wide range of business types, from startup to Fortune 500 corporations, locally and abroad.

Some startup founders and CEOs approach us to help them determine which areas of their business to focus on. Many others tap us to provide them with a business consultant who will help them create this focus once the right areas are already defined.

The PCS Consultants, Inc. business consulting services help small businesses figure out what business problems they currently as well as any other issues they have getting their business going.

Why Consider Our Consulting Services

Getting into the core of your business issues and finding the right solution is a great asset that will help you get your business started and continue to grow in the long haul. Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider business consulting for your business.

  • Goal-setting. This is an important part of starting a new venture and without them, you can’t function well. Having a business goal helps you have something to strive for and motivate you and your startup team to do well. PCS Consultants, Inc. can help you find the proper balance between that which is achievable but not too easy to be called too safe.
  • Start-up Assistance. You might feel the possibilities are vast when you are starting up your business. However, if you are not fully prepared, you will find yourself overwhelmed with no idea what to do to help your business grow and thrive in a hyper-competitive business landscape. Our business consultants can help you with this aspect, guiding you on how to become a manager for your company, what you need to accomplish and how you should go about doing it.
  • Time Management. We can help you determine which tasks or functions are more important for you to accomplish first and how much time you should spend on each one. Our business consultants can help you free up time to spend on your more strategic business side by motivating you to minimize time spent on the non-core tasks of running your business.

Consultant and Advisory Help

A primary reason you can count on us to provide you with reasonable business consulting help is because we tap professionals with determination and experience working with founders and CEOs of different kinds of businesses.

We will make sure that the business consultant to be assigned you have years of experience that can help you analyze your organisation and determine which aspect of your business you need. You will notice that the business consultant assigned you are not simply making suggestions based on guesswork but on sound advice that has worked in the past in similar initiatives.

We will work according to the size of your projects for your budget and requirements. The specific services we offer include:

  • Strategic Roadmapping
  • Investor Pitch Decks
  • Financial Analysis Preparation
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Processes for Defining and Tracking Key Milestone
  • Advising CEOs on Funding Strategy
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Identifying Strategic Partnership Opportunities

You may contact us for our business consulting assessment of your company.

Cal OSHA Compliance in San Diego County

For any business in any industry, it is imperative to comply with the guidelines set forth by the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and in the state of California (Cal OSHA).

If you are an employer who fail to comply with OSHA and Cal OSHA’s numerous regulations, you are not only putting your workers at risk of life and limb, but you will also face costly fines. Hence, breach of OSHA regulations is nothing to take lightly as fines can go into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Compliance to Cal OSHA requirements is good business since your employees will feel more taken cared for. Better morale, improved productivity, and incurring less of a risk for disability payments or lengthy injury leave are just some of the advantages you can experience out of meeting the requirements of the federal regulation for workplace safety.

Training Courses for Cal OSHA Compliance

When you are a general industry employer, you are required by law to provide training to your new employees and employees who are taking on new assignments. Refresher courses must also be provided to employees when new hazards, processes, equipment or substances are introduced in the workplace.

Hence, our training courses are designed to be interactive to help you meet the standard. We currently offer two training options:

  • On-site Safety Training. We tap experienced trainers to render training services using program course that is tailored for your company’s unique requirements.
  • Web-based Safety Training. Our online training program is geared for companies with multiple remote offices and needed their employees trained train simultaneously.

Attending the training courses will ensure the employees are able to:

  • Understand the federal OSHA and Cal OSHA
  • Identify what are the requirements and violations
  • Avoid hazards
  • Practice safe work procedures

Our key topics our training courses cover include the following:

  • Machine guarding
  • Fall protection
  • Electrical safety
  • Working surfaces
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Lock Out, Tag Out and More
  • Cranes

You may contact us to learn more about the PCS Consultants, Inc. Cal OSHA compliance services.

Forklift Training in San Diego

Not only it is a federal requirement but more and more, many construction companies require training and certification for forklift truck operators, especially when the risks and hazards are considered.

Before it’s too late, we suggest that you consider brushing up on your mechanical expertise. PCS Consultants, Inc. offers Forklift Training Curriculum to sharpen your operating skills and boost your career.

Forklift Operation Training Topics

The training course curriculum encompasses many forklift truck-specific topics, such as:

  • Basic Controls
  • Philosophy of Operations
  • Limitations
  • Safe Operation
  • Vehicle Stability
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Refuelling
  • Recharding
  • Proper Parking

We will also train your employees with the following specific subjects:

  • OSHA Requirements and Standards
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Assessing Danger in the Workplace
  • Stability of Materials being Transported
  • Stacking and De-Stacking
  • Working in Restricted and Tight Areas
  • Performing Work at Hazardous Location
  • Working in Different Weather Conditions
  • Working in Different condition of the Work Environment

Understanding these subjects and topics will ensure success of the forklift certification course. Plus, the evaluation of the forklift operator guarantees that they have the sufficient knowledge, competence and proficiency to drive the forklift safely.

Forklift Operator Training Options

PCS Consultants, Inc. offers the following OSHA-compliant training options:

  • Onsite Safety Training
  • OSHA Compliance Training
  • Disaster Preparedness Training
  • And other services catering to businesses, schools, and groups in San Diego.

If your residence or business is located in San Diego, we can come to you to make sure your employees know how to keep themselves safe and healthy.

To comply faithfully with the law, we undertake forklift training only under the direct supervision of a superior officer, who has the competence and knowledge to deliver the training course professionally.

Formal education for operators are provided. This type of training involve in-class lessons like video watching/presentation, anecdote reading, one on one interaction with the trainer. There will also be actual driving demonstration of the forklift to ensure that each operator are knowledgeable about operation and controls of the heavy equipment machines. Lastly, there is evaluation of operator.

If you have more questions about safety regulations and Forklift Operation, please refer to the Cal OSHA website here.

Sexual Harassment Training in San Diego

Many companies know that a safety workplace cannot be achieved overnight. That’s why companies emphasize the critical importance of raising awareness violence and sexual harassment prevention to maintain a safe workplace environment for employees, which can then lead to long-term results.

PCS Consultants, Inc. has designed its own Sexual Harassment Training Program to help employers provide training for their employees in terms of identifying, analyzing, and averting untoward behaviors in order to stay compliant to federal laws and regulations.

Our trainers are professionals and experts in behavioural psychology that is why they can very well train your employees to determine what constitute violations of your organization or company’s standards and policies, as well as the federal laws that enforce sexual harassment prevention.

Training to Comply with AB 1825

In our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Program, we provide on-site training to companies that complies with California law — AB 1825 and regulations — in order to achieve a safe working environment for your employees.

As enforced in California, AB 1825 training is a requirement for companies (with at least 50 employees and/or contractors) at least every two years. If you do business in San Diego, California and has 50 or more employees, you are required to provide sexual harassment prevention training to your supervisors on a regular basis. For new supervisors or those you promoted or employed within six months, the same rule applies.

Everyone knows that compliance to the law is good business. With reduced incidence of sexual harassment in the workplace, there is an absolute benefit that you can derive from it. Since sexual harassment dampens workplace morale and productivity, training will provide the much needed solution. There is also the benefit of getting rid of expensive litigation against the employer.

Even if your company is not required on account of your workforce population (of less than 50 employees), it is still a wise move to get your employees trained. The goal is to help increase your protection against claims.

Training Options

  • On-site Training. Our trainers will go on-site directly to your office to train your employees. Our onsite training ensures interactivity and thorough understanding of the federal requirement among your employees.
  • Online Training. Our web-based training promises to provide your company with the right amount of courses everywhere, anytime.

Please let us know if you have further questions and concerns about our offered sexual harassment prevention training.

Human Resource Consulting in San Bernardino

The importance of Human Resource Consulting cannot be emphasized enough. However to provide genuine consulting help and advisory entails specialized HR management skills and understanding of the tenets and principles of human resource management in achieving a company’s business goals.

We tap human resources professionals with impeccable list of HRM engagements with startups and large-sized businesses. Our goal is to provide you with the right HR consultant who will assist and guide you in achieving success through effective implementation of HR initiatives and functions.

Beginning from finding through to hiring the best talent while keeping your best ones, PCS Consultants, Inc. will be here to help your startup company from getting off the ground until you reach your best potential.

Human Resources Services

We provide the following human resources management services:

  • HR Onsite Consulting
  • Environmental Health & Safety Compliance
  • Recruitment Services
  • Prevention Programs
  • Training and Development Programs
  • HR Resource Materials
  • Products & Software
  • Online Support

Providing human resource consulting services to a variety of influential clients has earned us the reputation as San Diego’s trusted HR business partner. Our solutions are flexible and cost-effective for any company’s human resources needs.

For more information, contact us through this page.