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When you commit to putting your customers first, you exhaust all means to provide quality and innovative solutions. You share to the best of your capabilities your understanding and in-depth knowledge of the field.

And that is PCS Consultants, Inc.’s ethos – to put every customer at the heart of business so they can get the best results. Our high value solutions are geared to help organizations get the most out of what they paid for.

For more than 30 years, PCS Consultants, Inc., we help increase business performance through our scope of services. Our solutions are guaranteed to help businesses reach their goals, maximize their performance, ensure workplace safety and stress-free compliance to government laws and regulations.

View the following services we offer:

Training Offered

Human Resource Consulting

As a startup with limited resources, sometimes you handle every aspect of your operation, including recruitment and staffing. HR departments in bigger companies, however, are asked to do more with less.

When you partner with PCS Consultants, Inc., we can provide you with earnest Human Resources Training California, our specialized assistance wherever and whenever you need it the most.

Business Consulting

As demand for companies to become competitive amid the difficult business landscape toughens, we can help you identify and find the important competencies to focus on.

Our multi-layered approach is simple yet effective way to uncover and understand your development needs. For more information about PCS Consultants, Inc.’s Business Consulting Solution, view our service page.

Executive Recruitment

Finding the right senior management talent, from Executive Officers to CEOs, who will join your company can be daunting and expensive. Our executive recruitment solution starts from weeding through resumes through to onboarding the perfect candidate.

Human Resources

Our full-suite HR services can provide you with the breadth and scope of information you need to make your business run smoothly. Our HR consultants can help look at and help you with all your human resources management and personnel practices, procedures, forms, handbooks and all other necessary employment materials.

Staffing and Recruitment

PCS Consultants, Inc. offer a wide range of human resources solutions to help fill in where you need assistance in staffing and recruiting. We have a team of human resources consultants who are available to work for you onsite or remotely.


Honed by years of experience and expertise in a range of field, our professionals can help your business achieve consistent results through our strategic leadership coaching and training.


PCS Consultants, Inc. provides heavy equipment and forklift truck training on site at company premises anywhere in California at competitive prices. We make sure that our training techniques combine theory and practical exercises that meet the state and government laws and regulations.

Learn more about Forklift Training requirements and how to get your Forklift License California in on our Forklift Solution page.


For any business with employees, ensuring the safe and healthful working conditions is a must. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide a workplace that is free from serious hazards and that follows all of OSHA’s requirements.

Check out our OSHA training California page to see what may be required for your business. You may also explore our Compliance Solutions.

Harassment Prevention Training

Keeping your company’s economic advantage is vital to your growth and success as a business. But you cannot do this without starting with proper human resources and making sure your people work in a safe work environment.

For more information about our California Harassment Training services and to schedule a consultation, email us today.