Compliance Training

Making sure your company meet all federally-mandated requirements is not easy in today’s ever-changing regulatory compliance. But it is important to identify issues, complete incomplete requirements, and come prepared to avoid citation when Cal OSHA knocks on your office door.

Does this sound like a lot of tedious, labor-intensive work for your company? Not if you will let PCS Consultants, Inc. help you meet compliance requirements and exceed your expectations to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Our compliance training programs are designed to helps you discover how to ensure your work sites and your employees are safe, secure and Cal OSHA compliant.

With PCS Consultants, Inc., we’ve got your back by providing you with tools and guidance you urgently need. Our safety compliance team of professionals who have direct industry expertise and can effectively work with you to execute the program you need to ensure a working environment that is safe and secure for your employees.

To help companies comply through our best-in-class safety training and safety consultation services, we tap the best trainers and consultants to conduct instructor-led training seminars and classes, online training, site assessments, and written program development, among others.

We serve businesses in California, as well as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Ventura, through our solution and platform that can help companies meet the regulatory requirements easily and at scale, while helping save money.

What is OSHA?

Following the approval of the Occupation Safety and Health Act of 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA started.

It is a sector of the United States Department of Labor that aims to help set a more stringent standards for workplace safety.

The United States Congress created OSHA in view of the need to improve work environments and reduce accidents through safety protocols and OSHA certification training.

Who Needs OSHA?

OSHA requires any employer to provide a safe workplace, which includes making sure the working environment of employees are hazard-free and employees are updated on all the right safety trainings.

Answer these questions to determine whether or not your workplace needs OSHA certification training:

  • Have we experienced more accidents than normal or failed a recent safety audit or safety inspection? Is additional safety-related training required?
  • Have we purchased, acquired or introduced new types of hazardous materials, equipment, or procedures in the workplace? Is training recommended to improve safety and health?
  • Do I want to prevent untoward accidents or workplace mishaps through properly trained employees or heavy-equipment operators?

It is also recommend that your employees undertake both the initial and ongoing training if the same participate in the following:

  • Operation of machinery and equipment
  • Handling of hazardous materials
  • Supervision of these activities