Executive Recruitment

Business growth, mergers and acquisitions, change of direction, other events, and corporate financial uncertainties can create vacancies in key positions, such as CEO, functional officers, board members, and senior managers, among others. Executive Recruitment Solution from PCS Consultants, Inc. can help.

Our highly-experienced recruiters connect top-tier professionals with leading companies in California and nearby states. We apply a nimble yet careful approach in finding and connecting businesses to the right candidate. Our goal is to connect our clients with the best active and inactive candidates searching for a high-level career.

Unlike other recruitment agencies that employ the flawed “post and pray” approach, at PCS Consultants, Inc, we employ an innovative approach that shy away from traditional executive-search method. We also hold ourselves accountable to provide high quality executive candidates that results in lasting CEO or President for your company.

Our full grasp of the recruitment process allows us to rethink the way we conduct our search for your company’s next leader. We also provide a customized process and thorough assessment so that we present only the best choices that ensure the next executive who will lead your organization is truly the best leader for your company.

Does Hiring An Executive Officer Right For Your Company

Losing an executive decision-makers, from CEO to Board Members, can imperil the future success of your company. This is an ill-afforded move that when prolonged can even result in grave outcome, such as dampen the morale of personnel and financial uncertainty.

The reality is that finding a replacement for your well-loved, charming CEO, President or other key executive posts can be time-consuming. Sometimes, recruitment alone may take four to six months.

While some companies have a good transition plan in the event that their President or CEO step down, others do not have this planned ahead. So what then will happen to your company in the meantime an ill-afforded vacancies occur?

One of the options that some companies undertake is to find an interim CEO to take over until the replacement is chosen. Whatever your options may be, PCS Consultants, Inc. can help you find and choose between an outsider or an internal professional who will take charge temporarily.

We have networks and connections, as well as crews of recruiters who are trained in the talent search techniques and technology. We tailor our search process according to your unique needs in order to help to identify the most qualified candidates to fill the leadership vacancies in your firm.

Proven Process Leads to Results

PCS Consultants, Inc.’s executive recruiters have a formidable years of experience in facilitating successful top tier position hires for small businesses to large enterprises throughout California and the U.S. Our executive recruitment team applies a customized search methodology, from initial benchmarking to final offer.

We can provide you with direct hire executive search solutions for a range of top tier positions, including CEO, President, Professional Interim CEO, and Internal Interim CEO, senior-level management officers, among others. Our team knows various sectors and will partner with you to find the right executive talent that matches your organization’s leadership requirements.

PCS Consultants, Inc. not only works with highly-experienced professionals actively seeking new opportunities, we are also connected with highly qualified executives who may be regarded as ‘passive candidates’ yet open to the idea to accept the right opportunity.

Strong Connection Yields Game-Changing Talent

For more than 30 years, PCS Consultants, Inc. has been serving Orange business consulting, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Ventura business solutions to companies of all sizes.

We have earned a high level of trust rating from our past and present client-partners who obtain our Executive Recruitment Solution. They rely upon PCS Consultants, Inc. because we know who are the top candidates to recruit. We also know what motivates these ‘passive candidates’’ to seriously consider making a move.

Our success lies from our years of experience, our process and our capabilities in hiring and recruiting for small businesses to large enterprises. More importantly, we make it our priority to make hiring the next executive worry-free for our client-partners.

We ensure a professional process in the selection of key executives that is why we make sure that our assessment of any potential new hire candidates for key positions passed through our unbiased assessment process. The aim is to obtain a fresh eyes to eliminate any internal conflicts.

Quality Assurance Results in Guided Decisions

Key leadership positions, such as CEOs, Presidents and other top tier executives, are bound to achieve success in the long haul when their values, skills, leadership attributes, and cultural fit match your firm.

That is why once you engage us to deliver Executive Recruitment Solution for your company, we employ our innovative recruiting process. We search round the clock to find you the perfect hire for the vacant key position in your organization.

We have a crew of recruiters who can identify and connect you with the top talent. From coordinating benchmark assessments to determine the skills, values, and attributes most desirable to achieve your business objectives, to identifying the superior candidates, we will assist you in making the right choice.

We select only the most qualified prospective hire, the result of a comprehensive assessment process we conducted. Candidates are carefully evaluated to ensure that you hire the candidate who best fits the field, needs and culture of our clients. Candidates are evaluated based on their leadership skills, which will then be reviewed through consulting sessions and checking of references.

In order for us to find the ideal executive for your organization, we assess and know the candidates’ competencies, motivators, experience and goals as thoroughly as possible as we get to know your firm’s ethos, vision, business purpose and values.

Through each step of our thorough and proven methodology, PCS Consultants, Inc. emphasizes finding the best executive for your company.

Our recruitment solution encompasses all permanent, temporary and contract positions across all industries. Our small business consulting Los Angeles’s team and small business consulting San Diego’s team serve small businesses in the area with our executive search service for startup firms.