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Staffing and Recruitment

Whether you need face-to-face HR support on a daily basis, or whether you need to cover peak workloads such as year-end adjustment, we can assist you by placing skilled and experienced professional staff onsite at your office.

You run a private company, partnership or proprietorship? Perhaps you have engaged us in the past to assist with specialty recruiting and hiring, business development, performance planning, or to develop Human Resource (HR) policy and job description documentation. Now you are at a point where you need specialized professional HR advice and services on a more regular basis, but you may not be ready to add full-time HR staff to your organization. We understand, and we can help!

For some of our clients, the need for HR and other services has progressed from an ad hoc project-based requirement to a more continuing need, but not so great as to justify a full-time human resource director and all the salary and infrastructure requirements that would go along with creating such a position. When additional personnel are required in your Human Resources department, we can provide staff to work onsite at your office.

Contract HR Professionals – We will work with you to arrange a contract that enables us enough hours per month at your business to make a positive impact and that ensures that your company isn’t breaking the bank by paying a full-time HR Professional that you simply do not yet require.

Outsourced Arrangements – We will come to your place of business to serve as your HR Department. Our HR Professionals will act as your HR Department to handle all of your HR-related needs.

Resources for Projects, Initiatives, and Special Programs – Only need us for a little while? We can help!