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As a specialized consulting firm, we are committed to providing our clients with the utmost level of service. When it comes to our staffing solutions our policy stands firm with our service commitment. At PCS we proudly place highly skilled professionals on a temporary, temporary-to-hire, and full time basis across a variety of positions, as well as industries. We confide in our exceptional team of industry experts to provide you with not only well-qualified candidates, but also candidates that precisely match your company's culture.

Matching the Right Person at the Right Time, with Your Price and Your Company

Our screening process yields prudently selected individuals, based on the specific criteria you provide, so PCS ensures your need the first time. The individuals we select are likely the type of employee you would hire yourself. Why? We share the same interest as business owners and executives in seeking proficiently skilled individuals to join their team. Our commitment to establishing a partnership with you is the highest priority, which means we share the same interest in providing you with a perfect fit for your open position and an impact that leaves positive results on your bottom line.

Professional Service California

Our staffing programs carefully document the candidate selection process from early choice decision-making through placement, to provide you our partner, with unwavering confidence in the individual appointed to be a part of your team. As you know, one of the crucial aspects of any business decision is price. At PCS though, we deliver cost-effective staffing solutions that coincide with the economic state of your business, giving you more flexibility and furthermore stability.

Qualified and carefully selected, our staffing solutions provide passionate, experienced and professional individuals prone to uphold your company's valuable reputation.

PCS Renders Staffing Solutions for General Administrative Positions in the Following Professional Areas:

Finance & Accounting
Engineering & Architecture
Engineering & Manufacturing
Legal & Administrative
Sales & Marketing
Human Resources

As our partner, enjoy the added value of access to our informative marketing resources, training, and multiplicity of services.

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