Business Consulting in Ventura

We, at PCS Consultants, Inc., assist small business to enterprise decision makers turn their plans into results with our experienced consultants and proven process.

Our Business Consultants

We assign each of our client with an experienced business consultant who will help them from defining what key opportunities to seize, goal setting, profit improvement recommendations, definition of objectives to providing the strategies to deliver the desired results.

For years, our small business consulting clients rely to us for our real-world experience to help them get to the core of each business issues they face and drive hard until the desired outcome are achieved. We believe in starting with the most important things first so we tasks ourselves to do it now and do it right.

We pride our business consultants who has had more than three decades of experience working new and established companies of all sizes in almost all kinds of industries. PCS Consultants, Inc. business consultants has the required skills and experience to identify and solve even the most complex business problems, and to identify and act on opportunities.

Our business consulting services include:

  • Business Review and Assessment
  • Goat setting
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Operations Planning
  • Roadmapping and Strategic Analysis
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Cash Flow Improvement
  • Cost Analysis and Improvement

Our Business Consulting Process

Growth, change of direction, financial squabbles and other events can present tons of problems in your business. Here’s why at PCS Consultants, Inc. we take your issues with utmost care through our process:

  • We will interview you. Prior to our consulting engagement, we will begin with the interview session with the business owner or key decision maker of your enterprise. This way, we can determine the requirements and define the scope of the services that we will agree upon for the consulting partnership. The final outcome of this process is for us to conduct a preliminary assessment of key areas on which to focus.
  • We will send you our consulting proposal. The first part – the client interview – will provide the groundwork for the proposal to be prepared by PCS Consultants, Inc. Our business consulting proposal will encompass the key areas of the works to be done, including the service objectives and the expected results.
  • Implementation of the client proposal. Every step of the way, the business consultant assigned to you will provide you with keen attention to help you get intense focus, problem solving techniques and unbiased, objective counsel.

Cal OSHA Compliance in Ventura

If you’re an employer who runs your business in Ventura, you know that it workplace and your employees’ safety are two important things to consider. Attached with this knowledge is the responsibility to provide your employees with all the tools and equipments they will need to do their jobs safely.

PCS Consultants, Inc. provides employers who run their business in Ventura with effective training, as well as safety posters and signs as to Federal OSHA and other Cal OSHA requirements. More specifically, we offer the following:

  • Safety Audits
  • Assistance designing your safety manuals
  • Drafting instructions for hazardous waste handling and disposal
  • Distribution of OSHA posters and other required printouts

Being kept up to date with regard to the federal requirements for workplace safety will not only keep your business from incurring costly fines and other punitive measures should your company get inspected. Through our Cal OSHA Compliance Services, we can help make your employees saer and less likely to be injured.

CAL OSHA Compliance is Good Business

Genuinely safer workplace will work best to your benefit because your employees will feel more taken cared for. This means, better morale, improved productivity, and less of a risk for disability payments or lengthy injury leave.

PCS Consultants, Inc. serve Ventura County, among other areas around, such as Greater Los Angeles, San Diego County, Orange County and San Bernardino County.

If you need OSHA compliance training for your Ventura County business, contact PCS Consultants, Inc. today. We offer training and compliance courses, as well as consulting for a variety of industries. Among the trainings we offer are as follow:

  • On-site Safety Training. Onsite, we have trainors who will train you on the following subject matter: OSHA compliance, disaster preparedness , and more.
  • Online Safety Training. While onsite training is ideal for some businesses, however, it can be challenging to mount for a couple reasons, such as: scheduling conflicts, space issues, location issues, and more. Our online safety training can provide you with easy, accessible and convenient way to train your employees and receive their certifications.

Forklift Training in Ventura

Since most businesses often prioritize projects and tasks they thought are more important for their business, addressing some more pressing matters are neglected, such as ensuring their employees are trained and certified in operating forklift.

Forklift Training Courses

We, at PCS Consultants, Inc., made sure that our Forklift Training courses are designed to meet the requirements of OSHA on workplace-related topics that will discuss the road surface condition, operation in restricted and hazardous places, ramps and slopes presents in the workplace, and other possible workplace hazards that could pose risk to the health and safety of your operators.

Beyond the scope of the OSHA guidelines for forklift operator training, we also tailor the topics according to the unique requirements of our clients because of the nature of the business operation.

We help employers train their operators to be effective in the operation of forklift by providing them with expert trainers who will attend individually to your operators to be supervised directly. At PCS Consultants, Inc., our trainers has the competence and knowledge to deliver the training course professionally and ensure that the forklift operator trainees had received the information completely.

The components of our trainings include the following:

  • Formal education (in-class lessons like video watching and presentation, one-on-one interaction with the trainer, etc.)
  • Actual driving demonstration of the forklift
  • Evaluation of the trainee to ensure complete understanding and grasp of the forklift training program through a test or evaluation

Refresher Training and Evaluation

We also provide Refresher Training for forklift operators, including the performance evaluation. This is to ensure that your company’s operators are capable to perform work safely.

Refresher trainings are delivered for many different reasons, but it is imperative when there are new forklifts acquired by the company or when the operator is not familiar with its instrumentation, control and operation.

Conducting the operator performance evaluation is imperative every three years. But it is better to perform this evaluation process more frequently or every after preliminary training and after refresher training.

Meanwhile, the certification is given to each qualified forklift operator after every successful evaluation. Trainee will receive a certificate of course completion, which can be shown to OSHA representative when asked, or can be presented to prospective employer when looking for a job.

Sexual Harassment Training in Ventura

Our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for clients who run their businesses in Ventura County are informative and designed to provide you with a strong understanding of this subject matter, as well as your obligations as employer and manager.

We only tap ‘subject matter expert’ and experienced trainers in sexual harassment prevention training and make sure the training is interactive so that you will feel you’re on solid ground when it comes to this timely subject matter.

Who are Required to Get This Training

State Law requires employers – with 50 or more employees – to provide sexual harassment training courses to the following:

  • Supervisors in 2017 who were previously trained as of the December 31, 2015 deadline.
  • Supervisors hired yet not previously trained or promoted to their new position in the last six months.

If you’re an employer with less than 50 employees, our sexual harassment prevention training can help increase your protection against claims. This may not be a state requirement for you, but you should still consider it on the account of the following reasons:

  • The definition and scope of what sexual harassment encompasses has expanded over the years. Bullying and intimidation are now part of its definition.
  • Fewer claims and a more comfortable work environment brought about by attention to training is good business.
  • The potential to protect yourself or your company versus claims which can go up to an average of $250,000 rises.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Courses

Our training courses will make your compliance to AB 1825 and AB 20153 feel like a breeze. Here are what we currently offer:

  • On-site Training. Our trainers are experts in sexual harassment prevention and the government regulation that imposes it. They can go directly to your offices and conduct the training with your employees.
  • Online Training. If your problem is making sure that all your employees from Ventura and outside the area will be able to attend the training simultaneously from one focal spot, avail this training option.

Don’t hesitate to reach us out if you want to learn more about our sexual harassment training.

Human Resource Consulting in Ventura

The PCS Consultants, Inc. Human Resource Consulting services are tailor-fit for every company’s unique HR management requirements to help them achieve their strategic objectives and goals.

Our human resource management experts have the experience and determination to provide human resources consulting for small business and large enterprise decision makers that will provide the optimal result.

Our offered HR consulting services encompass finding new hires, recruiting top talents, and retaining the best high-value employees to reducing your overall cost in maintaining a workforce.

More particularly, you can tap PCS Consultants, Inc. to help you with the following specific HR functions:

  • HR Onsite Consulting
  • Environmental Health & Safety Compliance
  • Recruitment Services
  • Prevention Programs
  • Training and Development Programs
  • HR Resource Materials
  • Products & Software
  • Online Support

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our HR consulting services at PCS Consultants, Inc. can help.